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15 Times Chris Hemsworth Flexed His Workout Skills On The Gram

Whether he’s crushing it in the gym or fashioning his backyard into an obstacle course, Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram serves as some serious workout inspiration.

In recent years, Chris Hemsworth has become something of the go-to star for the Hollywood action blockbuster. If ever there was an actor who resembles the character portrayed on screen, Hemsworth is about as close to Thor as you can get. With his unwavering dedication to fitness and passion for health, Hemsworth’s bulging biceps and perpetually ripped physique need no help from CGI or special effects. If anything, the man is doing Hollywood studios a favour and allowing them to save costs on costuming that adds muscle to the persona underneath.

By now, it’s safe to say that most are familiar with Hemsworth and the gruelling workouts he’s known to favour. It’s clear that to maintain such a physique, one needs to put in the work and Hemsworth is proof that when it comes to training, consistency pays off. Alongside his personal trainer Luke Zocchi, the actor is known to broadcast his exhausting sessions on the ‘gram. Whether he’s crushing it in the gym or fashioning his backyard into something of an obstacle course, Hemsworth gets it done. Safe to say, if you’re lacking the motivation to workout today, just read on for a dose of Hemsworth #fitspo.

The Backyard Workout

One of the most iconic workouts Hemsworth has shared on the ‘gram was a backyard workout that looks positively exhausting just watching it. And given the heat he experienced on the day, it just went to show that Hemsworth really is a superhero.

The Christmas Workout

Just when most of us were digging into our third helping of Christmas pudding, Hemsworth shared a holiday workout that certainly reminded us to make time for exercise over the silly season. It also serves as a great reminder of correct technique when doing the sled push.

The Home Workout

At the height of the global pandemic, when most of us found ourselves facing months-long lockdown and gym closures, Hemsworth was amongst the first to share a home workout that required little equipment. In fact, he fashioned household items as weights.

Extraction Fighting Workout

Proving just why the studios pay him the big bucks, Hemsworth shared the workout and choreography work he undertook for his role in Extraction. If you’re a fan of sparring and boxing, this is one workout that will put you through your paces.

A Centr Workout

Having launched his own fitness program, Hemsworth shared snaps from the middle of a session alongside Zocchi. Details for the workout are included in the post and it looks like a tough one.

The Home Gym Workout

Sharing another workout one can do at home, Hemsworth and Zocchi demonstrated a punchy little circuit that elevates the heart rate.

The Buddy Workout

Gym workouts should be a social occasion and Hemsworth proves that sometimes the best way to stay motivated and push yourself is having someone there in your corner.

The Men In Black Workout

In preparation for Men In Black International, Hemsworth shared the gruelling workout his trainer had him do.

The Boxing Workout

A huge fan of boxing, Hemsworth shared a video of what a typical session in the ring looks like, complete with ab work and mobility exercises.

The Quick Workout

With his busy schedule, Hemsworth always makes time to exercise and shared with his followers how he ensures he gets it done.

The Kettlebell Workout

Hemsworth shared a glimpse into his training with his personal trainer and then even shared the protein smoothie that keeps him going.

The Beach Workout

Given that he lives in Byron Bay, Hemsworth regularly frequents the beach and proves that no matter where you are, you can still get a workout in. Who said you can’t lift weights at the beach?

The Sparring Workout

Want a ripped torso like Hemsworth? Try these moves out in the gym.

The Rocky-Inspired Workout

If ever there’s a need for another action star to step into the role of an iconic boxer for a Hollywood movie, our money is on Hemsworth.

The Open Ocean Workout

Channing Tatum is already a fan, but Hemsworth went next-level with this open water workout that looks so gruelling, we’d expect it to be a challenge on Survivor.

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