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“I Did 300 Pushups Every Day For 30 Days – Here’s What Happened”

Jose Zuniga's transformation is proof you can make the most of your time in isolation - by Alex Pierotti
“This (pointing to his chest), it just doesn’t grow no matter how hard I go in the gym,” he says at the start of the footage. “My shoulder’s are good, everything else is good, except this flat chest.” 

Splitting the 300 pushups into three lots and exercises, Zuniga opts for 100 decline in the morning, 100 regular at midday and 100 incline at night. 

At the start of the challenge, it’s obvious he won’t be getting through 100 reps in one set. He struggles, breaking down the total into multiple sets. 

“As you can see this is my at home gym – there is no bench here so any transformation you see happen to my chest – and gyms are closed until May 8th – is because of these pushups,” he says at the end of day one. However, he does admit he’s doing other bodyweight movements like pullups to keep his body balanced. 

Half way through the month, Zuniga notices change.

“I’m actually starting to see gains – it’s working – but I want to be completely transparent…the only way to pack on muscle is to eat more.”

Zuniga estimates he eats around 4950 calories – his main meals are no less than 1000 calories while he supplements with energy dense snacks. 

By day 20, he admits, “I think these are the biggest my pecs have ever been…ever.”

His transformation by the end of the month is impressive. Zuniga leaves us with some sage advice before revealing his change in weight: “If you’re not putting in the calories, you’re not going to gain mass. The only way you’re going to look bigger is by eating more.” 

Over the month-long period, Zuniga put on more than 3.5kg after eating nearly 5000 calories a day. 

You can see the full journey below. 

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