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4 Tailor-Made Tips for Buying the Perfect Suit

Whether you have clients to meet or you want people to take notice, these four handy tips will make sure you’re always covered.

1\ Focus on Fit

Nothing undermines your self-image faster than an ill-fitting suit. Beware of stress areas, warns image consultant Mack Mozé . If the chest is tight, the jacket will pull open at the lapels instead of sitting flat. Mozé recommends a minimal break on trousers, unless they’re a wider cut – then you want the back of the trouser to hit the top of your shoe heel. “Ask your tailor to hem the  trouser bottoms on a slant,” he says

2\ Be Comfortable

A suit can be as comfortable as jeans and a t-shirt but still command respect. The options are endless, from stretch wool or cotton to unlined, unstructured jackets that still hold their shape. “Stretch blends are essential for wearing your suit with comfort and confidence,” says Michael Maccari, creative director for Perry Ellis. He also suggests a knit suit as an alternative to conventional fabrics.

3\ Be Timeless

Done right, a classic power suit can serve you for more than a decade. Two things to keep in mind: first, choose a neutral colour. Blue, for example, looks good on everyone and works in almost every situation, Mozé says. “You can wear that suit five days a week and no one would notice.” Shades of grey are equally timeless. Second, opt for a notch lapel, which provides more flexibility to dress up or down. Maccari advises against lapels that are too wide or too narrow; stick to about 2 1/2 inches. You’ll be able to wear the suit for years.

4\ Go Bold

The whole idea of a suit is to wear the uniform of a grown-up. If you want to make a statement but aren’t up for pinstripes, don’t worry – you still have options, Maccari says. Texture is one. “We play a lot with cross weaves – two different colours woven together,” he says. “At a distance, it reads as neutral. But up close, people see all the colours weaving through the fabric.” There are also less traditional colour options but avoid overdoing it: Wearing too many conflicting details is when it goes wrong,” says Maccari

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