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The 5 Best Mobility Moves for the Desk-Bound Workout Warrior

Expand your stretching with the expert guidance of Cody Mooney, Director of Performance for the movement app pliabilty. Exclusively for the MH Squad, Cody has picked his favourite five poses for the WFH athlete. Breathe it in.

Show us an average fitness enthusiast who has to navigate the work-home-training labyrinth on a daily basis and has zero issues with any part of their body and we will shake their lithe hand. For most of us, though, some limitation and possibly even pain is an unwelcome friend. We know that regularly focussing on our mobility is important, especially as hybrid working patterns have rendered us less active. But at the same time, many of us find ourselves unsure quite what to do about it.

Cody Mooney, a former CrossFit Games athlete and the Director of Performance for human movement brand pliablity has your lower lumbar. The pliabilty app is on a mission to facilitate better movement with their fusion of mobility, yoga, prehab, rehab, recovery, mindfulness, and strength, all through evidence-based technology. Though rooted in CrossFit, pliability is now trusted by athletes across a variety of sports and, of course, of any level. Like us, then.

“A basic level of mobility must be a foundation in your training to maintain longevity and prevent injury,” says Cody. “Be okay with recovering. Training isn’t the only thing that will benefit your performance. Fitness is wonderful but it’s hard on our bodies and without recovering it’s not an “if” I’ll get injured it’s a “when.” Don’t limit yourself in your training because you’re not taking care of your body the way you need to be.”

Dive into Cody’s top five mobility movements for oiling the commonly locked mechanisms for the normal 9-5 fitnesser.

1) Pigeon

The average adult sits for 6.5 hours per day. Pigeon is one of the best stretches to counterbalance the negative side effects of sitting. Pigeon will help release the hips and lower back muscles which will help bring better flexibility and decrease tension.

2) Couch Stretch

Knee pain is one of the most common injuries in sport and training. Releasing your quads can play a major role in releasing the discomfort in your knee. Most aches and pains are not caused by the exact location on the body that you may feel pain.

3) Child’s Pose

This resting pose puts you into a position that elongates your body and helps release tension throughout full body.

4) Foam Rolling

Concentrate on any areas of stiffness in your legs, glutes and lower back. Play around with how you can use your arms to open up the shoulders.

5) Saddle Pose

This is challenging but the benefit to your hip flexors and quads are worth it. Lean back as far a you’re comfortable with, then try and breathe steadily and release further.

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By David Morton

David Morton is Deputy Editor at Men’s Health, where he has written, worked, edited and sweated for 12 years. His areas of particular interest are fitness, workouts and adventure.

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