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All In The Genes: Joseph Baena Shows Off His Bodybuilding Poses

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son proves looking jacked while flexing might just be part of his DNA.

Hollywood has made many a movie about the trials that come with living in the shadow of a parent or sibling. It’s a story as old as time: trying to prove yourself to an audience of doubters, those who believe you’ve simply coasted on the coattails of your more famous or more successful relative. While it’s certainly a relatable story for some, Joseph Baena is carving a name for himself within the bodybuilding world, all thanks to his own steely determination and resolve.

When you’re father is Arnold Schwarzenegger, a seven-time Mr Olympia champion and bodybuilding legend, following in his footsteps is sure to be no easy feat. Aside from the countless comparisons you’re likely to be subjected to, there’s also the idea of having to live up to the status of the icon that is Annie. But while he doesn’t share the same last name, Baena does have the same genes and it seems he’s picked up a number of tips from his father and has come to know a thing or two about pumping iron. Known to regularly pay homage to his famous dad on Instagram by recreating some of his bodybuilding poses, the family resemblance is uncanny. 

Now a competitive bodybuilder, Baena is doubling-down on his fitness and dedicating his time to his bodybuilding pursuits. From cryotherapy recovery sessions to work outs with the likes of former Mr Universe winner, Mike “Titan” O’Hearn, Baena lives and breathes health. So important is the outlet to him that he even had a gym-themed birthday party and spent the duration of 2020 working out from his home gym while in quarantine. 

While some have been quick to compare Baena to his dad, the young bodybuilder remains unfazed and regularly trains with Schwarzenegger, who he calls the “best training partner int he world.” In a recent gym selfie, the pair are spotted together as he admits that his dad doesn’t go easy on him. “You have to go all out and absolutely NO cheating when you’re training with him,” said Baena. 

But if his latest Instagram post is anything to go by, Baena is truly coming to step into the bodybuilding world in his own right. Showing off the fruits of his labour, he stripped down to the waist and performed a series of striking classic poses. “Finally a sunny week in LA,” he captioned the post. “Gotta take advantage.”

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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