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5 Reasons Why We’re Obsessed With Barry’s

Since launching in Australia last year, Barry’s has been the talk of the fitness and wellness industry. With a 1000-calorie burn reputation, acclaimed Fuel Bar, legendary instructors and state of the art facilities it’s no wonder that the US-born cult brand is quickly one of Australia’s favourites. Here’s everything you need to know.

1\ The Workout

With over 20 years of expert development, a Barry’s class is guaranteed to have you working up a sweat, no matter your fitness level. The classes are designed to help you improve muscle tone, torch fat – up to 1000 calories per class (yes, you read that right) – and boost your metabolism for up to 48 hours after.

This 55-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout combines 25 minutes of interval-based cardiovascular treadmill training, with a 25 minutes of strength and conditioning, finished off with a 5-minute cool-down period.

Men’s Health, Editor, Scott Henderson, explains why Barry’s is an integral part of his weekly exercise regimen, “It’s a non-threatening environment where you can push yourself as hard as you need to based on your personal goals. Plus, the smoothies are motivation enough!”

2\ The Fuel

Every Barry’s facility comes complete with a Fuel Bar, and we’re not talking margaritas (although Barry’s encourages a balanced lifestyle). The menu features local Australian ingredients, serving up made-to-order nutritionally approved protein smoothies that will help maximise muscle recovery. You simply place your smoothie order before your class, and boom, your drink of choice is waiting for you immediately after! Magic. Our picks: Simply PB and Muscle Up!

3\ The Red Room

When you first step into the red room, you understand why Barry’s has a cult-like following. With state of the art equipment and mirrored walls all around, it’s a battle of you vs. the man in the mirror. The dark red hues create a level of anonymity so you can focus on yourself and the reason you’re there, to work your butt off. Once you hear the music start, you’ll be in the zone – lifting heavier, running faster and pushing yourself harder.

4\ The Instructors

It’s not just the equipment that’s state of the art, the Instructors are recruited and trained to be some of Australia’s best. Each of Barry’s 13 Instructors brings their own creative flair to the room and are responsible for personalising each class. The Instructors passion is contagious and their pumping soundtracks will keep you motivated even in the toughest of times. Don’t be fooled by Monique Craft’s sweet smile, there’s no messing around when she’s behind the mic, her classes are a killer!

5\ The Studio

Barry’s makes one hell of a first impression, their sleek studios are more of a work of art. Plus, you’ll never feel cramped at the gym again, the Martin Place studio is the biggest Barry’s in the world, sizing up at 822 sqm! You can minimise your post-Barry’s DOMs with their fully integrated stretch area, browse their co-branded retail range with Lululemon and leave refreshed and rejuvenated with their fully-equipped change rooms stocked with a Dyson Dry Bar and Oribe products. They’ve really thought of everything.

Ready to give Barry’s all you’ve got and become the best version of you? Join in on the fun with a first timers 3-pack for $75.

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