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How To Choose The Ideal Beard Style For You

There’s no doubt women love a bit of growth on your cheeks but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should just let it grow. Fortunately, Philips Ambassador and Master Barber Bryan Tiska shares his top three tips to growing a beard that will suit you.


Not many of us have the time every morning to shave and sculpt so, choose a beard style to suit your lifestyle. A fuller length beard that requires upkeep only once or twice a fortnight will suit those with a busy lifestyle. The three-day beard is great for those who aren’t the best at maintaining a clean-shaven face regularly but also can’t grow a fuller beard. 

 How quickly does your beard grow?

For those that can grow a long beard, try keeping it look neat and sophisticated, and opt for the polished beard. For those that can only grow patchy hair around the face and upper lip, the chin strap beard style is perfect for you. 

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Try something new to suit your face shape and personal style.

Have an image in mind of what you want from a celebrity or magazine as this will help you achieve the desired look easier. If you’re looking to mix it up, make an appointment with a barber as they’ll help you choose something most flattering to you. I would suggest the faded beard style, as it can be styled from subtle to striking and will suit most face shapes. Facial hair can help you get your desired look, i.e. if you have a round face then avoid sideburns and hair on the side of your cheeks, and vice versa for a rectangular face. For longer faces you’ll want to keep the hair longer on the sides to add width to your face.

Bryan Tiska is a  Philips Shaving & Grooming Ambassador and Master Barber

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