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Can A Vagina Get Too Wet?

It's a surprisingly common concern among those with vulvas - by Paisley Gilmour
We might all know this, but still, it’s a super common worry among women and vulva-having people that being “too wet” could turn a partner off. If you worry about this, you’re certainly not alone. One 28-year-old woman recently posted to Reddit’s best subreddit r/sex with the exact same concern, saying, “I’m out of practice sex wise… haven’t been laid in seven years so I’ve been using sex toys and such. I’ve noticed that sometimes I get really really really wet. I’m worried this will be a turn off for my next partner.”

She asked the people of r/sex if there is such a thing as “too wet” and here’s what they said.

1. “Hell to the no. Of course everyone has their own likes and dislikes. But as a dude, if my wife is super wet, I feel like I’m doing things right and that’s a turn on.” [via]

2. “No guy should complain about that! If he does, tell him to leave, you don’t need that negativity.” [via]

3. “As a woman I have a similar issue, and men don’t consider this a problem. Quite the opposite in my opinion. But I find it irritating because it reduces the amount I can feel. I usually have to stop halfway through and wipe some of it off.” [via]

4. “The wetter the better!” [via]

5. “No. Nothing turns me on more than when I can feel her getting wetter and wetter.” [via]

6. “Oh hell no! Almost everyone loves it when it’s wet or too wet! Something about touching someone and feeling that they’re as turned on as you makes it that much hotter.” [via]

7. “Honestly it can’t get too wet. Well maybe for cunnilingus but not for sex. No. I’ve never run into a too wet issue.” [via]

8. “Nope. Nada. Not at all. Zero zilch.” [via]

9. “I have never had a bad experience with too wet. Plus it is just hot.” [via]

10. “The only complaint about being ‘too’ wet would be that it sometimes reduces friction and makes it hard to finish. Either way it’s not something that you should stress about.” [via]

Some people may also worry about not getting very wet at all, which is also very common and normal. All sorts of factors affect how wet a vagina gets, from hormones, to medication to stress. That – and because it feels good/makes injury much less likely – is why lube exists. And there should be no shame in using lubricant or asking your doctor for some advice if you’re not getting as wet as usual and it’s bothering you.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan

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