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Chris Hemsworth’s Son Is Already Following In His Footsteps

Chris Hemsworth has once again proved that he is Dad Goals. The Hollywood heavyweight posted a video to Instagram in which his 3 year old son can be seen scaling the front of their fridge in an incredible demonstration of coordination and strength at such a young age.

My son found out where the chocolate is kept. Must find a new hiding place. He’s 3. #tarzanrules,” said Hemsworth in the caption.

The video drew immediate comparisons between father and son, prompting users to leave comments such as “Thor Jnr” and “I think you have found your new stunt double?!”

Chris and his wife Elsa Pataky are one of the world’s most famously fit and strong couples, so it may not come as a surprise to many that their children seem to be picking up some of these characteristics and their love of physical activity.

The pair are determined to give their children a grounded upbringing despite their celebrity status, relocating from Los Angeles to Byron Bay on Australia’s East Coast, allowing them to climb, run and play in the great outdoors.

Chris and Elsa often share family shots to their social media accounts, featuring fishing trips, horse riding, and outdoor adventures.

Their down-to-earth parenting style seems to be a hit with their fans. A photo of the actor in full Thor costume with one of his three children was the most ‘liked’ Australian photo on Instagram in 2017.

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