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This Is The Number One Deal Breaker In A Relationship

You’ve put in the hard yards: you’ve wined and dined her, you’ve told her how you feel and now you’ve made it official. But there’s one habit that could derail your efforts.

According to a recent poll conducted by YouGov, from a list of 30 different attributes, cleanliness was the most irritating quality in a partner. 

In the survey, seven out of ten people answered that they were put off by their partner not caring about being “clean and tidy.” Meanwhile, just over one in five said it was a deal breaker if their partner was a clean freak. 

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Apart from a lack of hygiene, 53 per cent suggest that lack of intelligent conversation was enough to see them packing their bags while 20 per cent cared if their partner was smarter than them. 

When it came to being laid back and easy going, the pool of people were split: half cared if you weren’t willing to let loose. 

Most notably, the study reveals that qualities such as cleanliness, attitude and intelligence weighed heavier than money, humour and sex drive. 

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