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The Crazy, Secret Fantasy 53% of Women Have in Common

No two women are the same in bed, so what one finds hot another may feel repulsed by. But through studies and surveys, we’re given a clearer picture of what most women want between the sheets.


For example, a recent study by sex toy retailer Lovehoney reported over three quarters of women admitted to being spanked, with 70 per cent wishing their partners would do it more often.

So to dig a little deeper, Men’s Health teamed up with Women’s Health and polled more than 1400 people about the problems couples argue over most and what women really want in bed. 

After going through the results, we found one stat in particular that will leave you quivering: 53 per cent of women fantasise about breaking up with their partners. In contrast, 44 per cent of men never give breaking up so much as a thought.

We should’ve seen it coming: a recent study by Stanford University found that 69 per cent of divorces these days are initiated by the woman.

Laura Doyle, author of First, Kill All the Marriage Counsellors, suggests the reason behind the surprising statistics is that women routinely evaluate the good and bad in their relationships to decide whether or not staying together is worth it. 

“These numbers – and the divorce initiation gap – don’t prove that men are happier in marriage,” says Doyle. “But they do suggest that women are more willing to do something about it if they are unhappy.”

Men, on the other hand, are less likely to speak up about their problems, often preferring to internalise what’s bothering them. So while guys also get stressed in relationships, it’s less likely this will result in a break-up. 

“Men will continue to try to make their partners happy, even if they’re not succeeding,” Doyle says. 

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