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Drake Is Boxing Now And His Shirtless Gym Selfie Will Make You Want To Box Too

“Grinding for recovery every day.”

When Drake takes a workout selfie, the Internet tends to pay attention. It takes a lot for a post to go viral these days, with nearly every second account belonging to an influencer or TikTok star that manages to get a hundred thousand likes per post. But for something to really puncture the social zeitgeist and get the world to sit up and listen, it needs that extra something special, some kind of factor that one can’t quite distill. Or, in Drake’s case, it needs a shirtless selfie, one with his abs and bulging biceps on full display. 

As fans will know, Drake sustained a knee injury last fall. The rapper has one been a fitness enthusiast, and even has an NBA-regulated full-size basketball in his home. But as he begins the long and arduous process of recovery and strengthening his leg muscles, Drake has been documenting the journey, sharing insights into his recovery process through a series of training photos and videos while simultaneously arousing his legion of loyal followers who have been left stunned by his thirsty workout selfies. 

At the start of the year, Drake posted several photos and videos to his Instagram story that depicted the rapper weight training, with his abs on display. During the videos, Drake revealed that he was “grinding for recovery every day.” Just a few months later, he then shared another workout video, showing his progress as he flexed his arms and showed off his chest while posing shirtless – hey, the man’s only human after all. It’s nice to know that even Drake isn’t immune to the lure of a gym mirror. 

But in an image to end all contests, Drake has now shared a photo of him in a boxing gym, and given his sweaty torso, we can only assume the snap was taken in between sparring sessions, he’s even still wearing the gloves in the shot. With his chest, shoulders, arms and abs on display, it’s clear that Drake is going all in on his fitness. The rapper has been an avid fan of boxing for some time, he even introduced Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor for a press conference in Toronto ahead of their infamous bout, where he also hugged it out with stars such as Sam Watson. 

When the rapper posted a video of him boxing in 2019, fans could only speculate if he was training for a role in an upcoming Creed film – the man’s got skills! Certainly one who can throw a pretty solid punch, Drake’s recovery seems to be going from strength to strength and we love to see it. 

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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