The Eating And Exercise Habits Of An Insanely Fit Firefighter | Men's Health Magazine Australia

The Eating And Exercise Habits Of An Insanely Fit Firefighter | Men’s Health Magazine Australia

While you might have caught him hammering away on prime time, House Rules star Andy is actually more accustomed to handling hoses. The South Australian fireman and his wife Lisa are taking part in this season of the reno reality TV show, in which Andy says his heavy lifting skills are coming in handy. 

We chat to the 32-year-old about the fitness regime and eating habits that fuel his intense work. 

What drove you to join the Fire Service?

I’ve always wanted to have a career where I can help people, the community and be constantly challenged in the workplace. Before the Fire Service I was in the military and I really missed that camaraderie and brotherhood, and fire service has that and everything I’ve always wanted in a job.

Did you have to up your fitness before joining, is there a particular benchmark for acceptance?

I’ve always tried to keep reasonably fit but there is a benchmark fitness test within the Fire Service that we have to pass. A worry for me when applying was my cardio, I felt I could improve so doing sprint training and long runs, a couple times each week really helped me out.

What does a week of workouts look like for you?

My week of workouts normally has me doing weights three to four times a week and I will do cardio once or twice.

Monday: back and biceps / cardio

Tuesday: chest 

Wednesday: shoulders and triceps

Thursday: legs 

Saturday: cardio 



Are there exercises or training styles that help your work as a fireman?  

As a fiery, there are no two jobs that are the same so I think it’s pretty important to have a well-rounded exercise routine with a strong emphasis on your core and your back we do carry a bit of heavy equipment and it’s always important that we look after ourselves. Lately I’ve been trying to do a lot more circuit and CrossFit training just to give me that overall strength.

What does a regular day on plate look like for you?

To be honest, I am a massive sweet tooth so that gets me in trouble a bit. But a regular day on the plate for me is couple of eggs in the morning, maybe on some toast, a morning protein shake. A solid lunch of chicken breasts or burgers (we generally try to all cook together at the fire station) and dinner time will be a either steak, chicken, fish or more than likely tacos.

Are there any other healthy habits that help your work at a fireman?

I think the biggest habit is just trying to eat small amounts and eating clean. It’s pretty dangerous these days with soft drinks and chocolate costing cheaper than most healthy snack options so its always a pitfall if you don’t pre buy your snacks and have something healthy in your bag.

Have you found yourself needing your fitness during the House Rules process?

I definitely think it’s come in handy once or twice especially when giving a hand to other teams to lift heavy things like fridges, bathtubs, concrete tables and everything in between. 

House Rules airs Sunday 7.00pm and Monday – Wednesday 7.30pm  

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