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Gains And Veins: Luke Evans Proves He’s King Of The Thirst Trap

The actor showed off his ripped abs in a new gym selfie and, quite rightly, the Internet is in meltdown.

Most actors tend to keep relatively private away from the big screen. These are the stars that don several hoodies and caps so as to go incognito when walking down the street, and those that profane working out in gyms for the fear of being spotted by – dare we say it – regular folks. But in the case of Luke Evans, despite having the kind of acting career few can only dream about, the star is just as much known for his Insta thirst traps as he is his acting credentials. And if you’ve been following Evans on Instagram at all over the past few months, you’ll know that he’s been putting in the work when it comes to his health and fitness. 

With gyms having reopened, Evans is training harder than ever and his latest gym selfie is testament to just that. While filming on location in Atlanta, Georgia, the Welsh actor shared a gym update with his ripped abs on full display. He captioned the pic, “Gains and Veins” before adding, “And some good lighting…” 

You need only take a cursory scroll through Evans’ account to get a dose of serious fitspo. Just looking at his workout pics seems exhausting and as expected, the comments below are a mix of impressed and very, very thirsty remarks – but really, can you blame them? Beauty and the Beast co-star Josh Gad commented on the pic, “Yeah. I’m doing the same to prep for Beauty,” referring to the fact that he and Evans will reunite for the prequel series to Beauty and the Beast, titled The Little Town. 

Currently though, it’s unsure just when Evans will reprise his role of Gaston in the prequel, his next screen role will be playing Lars in Nine Perfect Strangers, a dark comedic drama miniseries based on the novel by Big Little Lies author, Liane Moriarty. Until then, we’ll be checking in on his Instagram for a daily dose of motivation and of course, tips on that good lighting.

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