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Salt Bae Is Secretly Ripped, And Here’s How

The living internet meme has shared his workout and diet routine... with surprisingly little salt - by Scott Henderson


2017 was weird, and we all knew it. It was one of those train-wreck years that is probably left… well back in 2017. But one man that seems to have endured is living meme, Salt Bae. 

Real name Nusret Gökçe (but forever referred to as Salt Bae, at least in the context of this article), is the 35 year old butcher and chef, who rose to internet fame thanks to his ‘magical’ style of sprinkling salt on his dishes. Again, 2017 was weird.

Regardless of how unusual his rise to fame, here we are, and Mr. Bae has formed an integral part of our culture. However there’s more to the meme that is Salt Bae, and the restaurateur is an incredible inspiration when it comes to health and fitness.

Bae is an extremely busy man, running a chain of Turkish steak houses, Nusr-Et, and partying with the likes of P Diddy, Usher, David Beckham, and fellow health nut DJ Khaled. However he has clearly recognized the importance of staying in shape.

Talking to GQ via email, Bae broke down his approach to dieting. 

“I take in a lot of protein. For breakfast it’s oatmeal usually, sometimes hard-boiled egg whites—never the yolks—with tomatoes and cheese and a piece of toast. I’m typically too busy working in the restaurant during the day to have lunch, but then have a large piece of red meat for dinner with whatever vegetables are around,” says Bae.

To get him through those busy periods of fasting, Salt snacks on nuts to keep up his energy and get a healthy fat and protein hit.

As for working out, Mr. Bae keeps his rig in top condition through a combination of combat sports and bodyweight work, with some functional training thrown in the mix. “I have to be fast in the kitchen,” he explains.

“I​ prefer boxing and body-weight work,” Bae told GQ. “It gives me the definition and core strength I want. A lot of jumping rope, ropes, anything to not only stimulate muscle but also keep me quick.”

Be like Bae, and get involved with this skipping workout from Jeremiah Maestre, boxer and trainer at Rumble Boxing in New York City.

Salt Bae Skipping Circuit

A traditional boxing round is three minutes of work with a one-minute break in between each round. Choose however many rounds you want to do on the rope first (a minimum) of three and attempt to keep jumping rope through the one minute breaks. Alternate high knees, single leg jumps, regular skipping, two feet jumps, side to side jumps, criss-cross, and double-unders. Switch it up, get creative, and try not to stop.

Total workout time: 12 minutes

For the last 30 seconds of each round push the intensity/speed with double-unders, high knees, and criss-cross formations. And if you mess up, keep going!

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