The Internet Can Not Figure Out WTF is Going on In This Picture | Men's Health Magazine Australia

The Internet Can Not Figure Out WTF is Going on In This Picture | Men’s Health Magazine Australia

Another day, another picture that makes us lose our minds. And not in hysteria, but lose our minds in the way of not being able to bloody work out what the hell is going on in this photo.

This photo of a young woman sitting on a bench in a gym has gone viral on social media and left people absolutely bonkers about the positioning of her feet. Look closely – you might realise there’s something a bit off.

Aside from guesses from left-field, no one – and we mean no one – has been able to give a definitive answer as to how this woman is able to bend her limbs in such a freakish way.

Some say there’s a mirror to her left which would make it look like both feet are pointed the same way (which is impossible as she’s only wearing a bracelet on her left wrist), while others are claiming it’s blatantly Photoshopped.

But it looks pretty legit to us, and there are no obvious signs of the photo being digitally altered.

One user put forward the suggestion that this young woman is actually a double-foot amputee, and she puts her shoes on backwards to make people lose their minds. Well, if this is true, she’s definitely gotten what she wished for. 

Can anyone please help us out and tell us what the hell is going on? We can’t look away.

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