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Here’s How Many Calories Are In The Rock’s Power Breakfast

Ever wondered just how many calories are in Dwayne Johnson’s meals? We counted.

Two things Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known for: his explosive workouts, and his staggering cheat meals. Known for his perpetually swole physique – the kind that makes a Marvel superhero blush in intimidation – Johnson is a man who lives and breathes fitness. His Instagram reads as the ultimate source of fitspo, with Johnson regularly updating fans on his epic workouts that look so gruelling, it’s exhausting simply watching them. But if you’ve seen his workouts, it goes without saying that there’s a lot of fuel going into the engine of this machine. And as strict as he is with his diet, Johnson also permits himself a Cheat Day with meals that prove so staggering big and calorie-dense, we don’t know how he makes it past breakfast. 

A Cheat Day might stand out against the calendar as a day to be revered, but you need only tune into the Rock’s Cheat Day to find yourself sweating at the size of meals consumed. Suddenly, that leafy green salad doesn’t look too bad. With plates piled high with sushi, burgers and cookies, Johnson’s Cheat Day is another beast entirely. It’s enough to make you wonder just how the Hollywood star maintains his physique on the daily and while we rarely gain an insight into his typical diet, a recent Instagram post seemed to lift the lid on his power breakfast. 

After hitting the Iron Paradise for a muscle-pumping workout, the Rock then sits down for what he calls his ‘power breakfast’, consisting of flank steak, eggs, peppers, mushrooms, onions and short-grain brown rice. It might sound like a lot, but the combination of foods is actually a strategic one, as it helps Johnson maintain a physique that’s both incredible swole and lean. To crunch the numbers, according to MyFitnessPal, a 40oz portion of flank steak comes in at just 180 calories, as it’s known to be a lean meat with fewer calories and more protein than something like a ribeye or porterhouse. 

The Rock then mixes his steak with eggs, and if he were to have three eggs it would come in around 255 calories which is pretty low-cal for someone expending this much energy at the gym. With the addition of peppers, mushrooms and onions, he adds about 160 calories, with another 150 calories for short-grain brown rice. Altogether, it comes in at a fairly modest 745 calories for a breakfast that doesn’t only serve up a significant amount of protein, but also keeps him satiated for some time.

Certainly, these numbers aren’t exact. After all, who knows just how big his serving size really is or what cooking methods are employed to create such a breakfast. Still, it gives you some idea of what kind of meal Johnson eats regularly when he’s not indulging in a cheat meal. As for those Cheat Days, his combination of sushi and cookies comes in at a staggering 7,764 calories. 

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