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Here’s What 30 Days of Mountain Climbers Did to This Man’s Body

Doing the core-busting move for just three minutes each day yielded surprising results.

As part of his recent overarching weight loss and body transformation challenge, a YouTuber spent 30 days doing mountain climbers. While he only performed the core-torching move for three minutes each day, he found that in concert with his other efforts, he was able to lose more than 30 pounds, dropping from 220 pounds on day one to 188 on day 30.

The mountain climber is a simple enough exercise to perform, requires no equipment, and is great for working your core and building upper body strength. Simply start in a plank position, and then alternate driving your knees up towards your chest. Rather than attempting to get as many reps done as quickly as possible, the aim here is to maintain strong form.

“We must be careful when performing this exercise, or we could injure the muscles near the pelvis,” he says.

If you are interested in incorporating mountain climbers into your own workout, he recommends doing five minutes of dynamic stretches as a warmup first. (If you’re a beginner and don’t think you have the necessary core strength or upper body strength to manage more than one or two mountain climbers, then you can start with an elevated variation, using a box or bench to support the upper body and take some of that pressure off.)

He then recommends doing the move for 15 seconds at maximum effort, with three minute intervals in between. “As you become fitter and more accustomed to mountain climbers, you can increase the number of intervals you perform in a workout and decrease the recovery time in between intervals,” he says.

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