Chewing Gum While Walking Significantly Increases Heart rate. | Men's Health Magazine Australia

How Chewing Gum Can Help You Lose Weight

Going for a stroll? Why not do it with a piece of gum?

At least that’s the latest suggestion, according to research published in the The Journal of Physical Therapy ScienceStudies found that chewing gum while walking significantly increases heart rate with added benefits for men over 40.

Scientists based in Japan gathered 46 people, aged between 21 and 69 to test the effects of chewing gum while walking on physical and physiological functions.  

Initially, participants were asked to chew gum during a 15-minute walk. Then the same group walked for 15 minutes after consuming a powder with the same ingredients as gum.

Measuring the resting heart rate and walking heart rate in both trials while noting distance covered, walking speed and number of steps taken, researchers were able to conclude that the average heart rate was “significantly higher” when participants chewed gum. 

Interestingly, in men over 40, chewing gum also helped boost the distance walked, the number of steps taken and the amount of energy expended.

“Combining exercise and gum chewing may be an effective way to manage weight,” say researchers.

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