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Mark Wahlberg Shares His Key Tips to Navigating Fame and Fortune

Mark Wahlbergs successes in entertainment have seen the Boston native try his hand at comedy, drama, rapping, and more, all to the tune of a multi-million dollar career that has lasted for decades. So, given that he’s such a celebrated figure of the screen, it stands to reason that the guy would have a life worth emulating. Or, at least, that’s what late-night talk show host Graham Norton figured when he had Wahlberg on his show opposite the young, up-and-coming star Tom Holland.

In the interview, Norton asks the 46-year-old Wahlberg if he has any advice for Holland, who only became of drinking age at the beginning of the month. Here’s what he had to say about his life in the spotlight.

“I’m the last person he should ask for advice,” he said before turning to Holland. “You’ve never been to jail, have you?”

The answer, unsurprisingly, was no. (Wahlberg, for his part, did time as a teenager.) From there, Wahlberg turned the moment into a review of the mistakes he had made during his first brushes with fame, advising Holland not to do the same.

“The first check I got, I ran to a Mercedes dealer,” he said. “I bought a car; I didn’t have money for registration or insurance. The police towed the vehicle because I didn’t have any insurance.” 

But Wahlberg did a few crucial pieces of advice that should be expected from the man’s who’s life inspired the HBO comedy-drama, Entourage.

“L.A.’s the move; get a jacuzzi,” he said, then adding. “Have some fun! Have some fun for me.”

On with it, young Holland. The world awaits.

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