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This Is How People Are Having Sex On A Plane

Ever since the release of the film Rich and Famous, frequent flyers have been desperate to join the Mile High Club. The thought of sneaking in a quickie with the potential to be caught has long been a fantasy of couples. Now a new study has found exactly where travellers are doing it up in the air. And no, not just the bathroom. 

In a poll conducted by matchmaking site Saucy Dates featuring 12,000 participants, 79 per cent of holiday-planners dreamt of having sex on an aircraft but according to the survey , only five per cent have managed to do the deed in the sky.

Surprisingly, staff accounted for nearly a fifth of the acts while nearly a third were getting it on with a stranger. If you thought toilets were the only place, think again. Apart from the loo (59 per cent), seats featured strongly with 31 per cent while the gallery provided the setting for 9 per cent. Fittingly, the cockpit had its customers – seems the pilots get in on the action too. 

We’ve seen it in the news of late, strangers hooking up in clear sight. Turns out it’s not as uncommon as you think: 30 per cent of those surveyed met someone who caught the eye. Turns out a few were also ticking off their bucket list: 15 per cent did it with a friend. Eighteen per cent of staff got lucky while 37 per cent of couples slipped in a quickie. 

Interestingly, partakers of the poll revealed how they did it and in some stories, there was no beating around the bush. 

One male traveller from New York says it all happened very quickly: “Flight Attendant spilt a drink on my leg, said sorry I got up and walked to the bathroom. She was hot and gave me the look so I told her I could use some help with my pants and she unzipped me . . . . Next thing I know I have her bent over . . . . .”

Saucy Dates Mile High Club

Saucy Dates

 Another 39-year-old says he pounced on an opportunity after overhearing an inviting conversation: “I overheard the stewardess talking to her friend, telling him that she hadn’t had any sex and she broke up with her boyfriend and it had been a long time. I hit on her for a while and she finally asked me if we wanted to go in the bathroom and have sex. She told me there was no time for foreplay and to have it hard by the time I got in there . . . .”

Turns out being upfront also does the trick, reveals one female passenger: “It was huge fun. I did it with the guy who was sat in the seat next to me. We had been chatting for a while and he just asked. We both carefully made our way to the bathroom, lucky the plane was dark as it was a night flight.”

While it might be a fantasy for most, it’s important to make sure you don’t get in trouble – the last thing you want before a big holiday. 

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