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Pornhub Traffic Spiked Thanks To YouTube

A lot of people spend countless hours rewatching their favourite music videos or enjoying cats fall of tables. So what do you do when there’s a global YouTube outage? Apparently, turn to porn.

Publication Mashable Australia checked in with Pornhub to see whether the outage affected their traffic. Turns out it did. 

According to Pornhub traffic increased by 21 per cent compared to their daily average at 10pm.

“That’s a significant increase by millions of additional viewers during Pornhub’s peak evening hours,” Pornhub said.

Interestingly, the disruption for the streaming channel influenced the search terms that started to appear. The term “YouTube” increased by 183 per cent ( we’re not even sure what would appear for that).

Meanwhile popular gameplay searches such as “fortnight”, “minecraft”, “pokemon” and “twitch” saw inflated traffi.

Pornhub during YouTube Outage


Guess people only go to Pornhub for entertainment, huh?

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