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Pornhub Won April Fool’s Day With a Cruel, Cruel Joke

Pornhub played an April Fool’s prank on its users that many are likely still recovering from. According to an article published on Mashable, the popular pornography site displayed a message on Saturday that caused mini-heart attacks everywhere and possibly shattered a few laptop screens.

According to the article, any time a user clicked on a video on Pornhub’s site on April 1st, this message appeared on their screen:

“Thanks for sharing! No need to manually share your video to your friends and family ever again because this new revolutionary feature does it for you! Automatically!”

Wonderful. Cue mass panic. Luckily the “new feature” included two buttons, “WTF, reverse this now!” and “Thanks Pornhub!” Both buttons directed users to a new screen that clued them in on the fact the sharing feature was in fact the site’s attempt at either the best or the worst joke in April Fool’s history – at least for the pornography site category.

Ha. Good one, Pornhub. This is probably the worst nightmare of at least half of your users, which on one hand makes it hilarious and on the other – nah, it’s pretty hilarious. Two days later and there are surely still some people out there that feel like their stomachs have dropped down to their feet.

One thing is for sure, it makes you wonder how many social media accounts were deleted after this. You know, just as a precaution. Happy April Fool’s, everyone.

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