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Presenting the Inaugural Men’s Health Quiz of the Year

For the final episode of the Ask Men’s Health podcast, we test your knowledge of 2021.

Throughout this season on Ask Men’s Health we’ve answered your questions on the most talked about topics in health. We’ve covered everything from meditation and recovery to plant based eating and mental health, but for the final episode of the series, we’re doing things a little differently. This time, we’re the ones asking the questions. Introducing the 2021 Quiz of the Year, designed to test your knowledge of updates in health, sport and pop culture over the past 12 months as well as the lives and legacies of our cover stars. Every answer has been reported on within Men’s Health stories and interviews, either online or in the magazine, so we hope you’ve been paying attention.

Facing off in the studio we have our editor Scott Henderson versus our digital editor Nikolina Ilic. The pair will not only test each other’s knowledge of the year’s events but also offer a peak behind the scenes of some of our biggest stories of 2021. With bragging rights on the line, things get a little spicy. But don’t leave them to have all the fun: the quiz is best done with a group, so get the crew together and join in from home. 

Check out the full episode via the link below:

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By Christopher Riley

Formerly deputy editor of GQ, Chris is a new addition to the relaunched Australian Men’s Health. An avid (read: obsessive) gym-goer, Chris prides himself in maintaining a shredded exterior, (a fact confirmed by both his finance and visually impaired mother). When he’s not making outrageous claims about his physique, his focus is on producing engaging content that informs as much as it entertains.

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