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Sex Could Soon Be Used To Ease The Symptoms Of This Debilitating Disease

They say laughter is the best form of medicine. But in this case, it might just be getting down and dirty.

According to new research conducted by Imperial College London and Salerno University in Italy, there is evidence to suggest a link between sex and lowered levels of depression and disability in Parkinson’s sufferers. 

Scientists suspect that sex could help boost brain health. 

Recruiting 355 participants, researchers followed the volunteers for two years and the relationship between their sexual health and the development of Parkinson’s. 

This is the first prospective longitudinal study involving a large cohort of PD patients suggesting that sexual activity is associated with lower motor and non‐motor disability as well as with better quality of life in men,” write the study authors. 

“These findings should prompt movement disorders specialists to periodically inquiry about their patients’ sexual life.”

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