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This Qantas Meal Is What Nightmares Are Made Of, WTF

We all know airplane food can be absolutely shit-house, but this is just disturbing.


A woman travelling from Sydney to Brisbane on a Qantas business class flight was greeted with an interesting sight when her on-board meal arrived.


Speaking to on condition of anonymity, the passenger said she chose the dumpling option for her afternoon snack. When her meal arrived, she was greeted with six dumplings and – uh – a side of something charred, long and penis-shaped.


“I asked the server what it was and he told me it was a root vegetable,” she said.


“He blushed and was very apologetic, I don’t think he had ever seen anything quite like it. The lady next to me was cracking up.”


When posted to Facebook, users had a field day with the entertaining photo:


“A root vegetable is one way to describe it. I thin you inadvertently just joined the mile high club.”


“Did you ask for a stiff drink to accompany it?”


“Definitely a root vegetable they couldn’t serve on Virgin.”


So what is that vegetable? After much discussion it was revealed that the, thing, is almost certainly eggplant.


The woman says she’ll remain a fan of the airline and that she has “high hopes” for her next in-flight meal. 


By Mens Health Staff

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