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Skincare Tips From The Woman Behind Chris Hemsworth’s Moisturised Mug

We speak to Jane Galli, the talented makeup artist behind some of the most iconic celebrity faces.

Being responsible for some of Hollywood’s most iconic faces can be a daunting task, but for Jane Galli, the talented makeup artist behind the celeb faces we all know and love from Chris Hemsworth to Chris Pratt, her experience overweighs the pressure. “I loved working on Thor and working in Australia. Filming there using state of the art THE VOLUME [virtual technology used to create outdoor environments convincingly on an indoor set] was an experience I’ll never forget. The Australian people are also so welcoming and fun.”

Spending the majority of her career making sure our favourite celebs look their best on camera, she can’t stress enough how equally important it is for men to keep their skin in check.

“[Skincare for men] is just as important as female skincare! Men want to look great and feel good about the way they look at any age. They need to realise that they need to start taking care of their skin now, so the damage is minimal as they get older,” she explains. “Whether that be from shaving, sun exposure or lack of cleansing and exfoliating. I think by letting men know there are specifically designed male products that are easy and effective, will make the decision to start a skincare regime more appealing!”

Here, we asked Jane – who is currently working with Gillette Australia oh their game-changing three step skincare regimen specifically tailored to male skin types, SKIN by Gillette – for her best tips.

How do you approach skin prep on men compared to on women?

Men’s skin is more susceptible to more ingrown hairs and a lot more sun damage. Male skin is also a lot drier, rougher and dull compared to women. A common mistake for men is not exfoliating to remove dirt/sweat on their skin.

They can also be guilty of not replacing their razor blades frequently enough.

Tip: Don’t dig into your skin if you have a long day or special occasion ahead thinking your shave will last longer. It won’t! Don’t be afraid to shave a second time and shave slower to let your skin adjust. 

What are your best tips for men?

It’s more challenging doing male actors because I don’t have the luxury of makeup as I do on actresses. Makeup on male actors is kept at a minimum. For my male actors it’s all about grooming and keeping the actors skin in great condition throughout filming. 

My approach to male skincare in movies is to keep it simple. BUT that routine has got to be EFFECTIVE and FAST! As far as makeup, I try to use minimal makeup on male actors, so keeping the skin in top shape is essential. Remember it will be forever on screens!

Men should look after their skin every day. That doesn’t mean a complicated, expensive and time consuming ordeal. I loved working in Australia and noticed it’s significantly hotter than the US climate that I’m used to. Sweating and trying to minimise pores is very important. When it is hot, your pores open up on your face. 

My Top Tips:

  1. Prep your face with a warm, damp face towel to exfoliate and smooth the skin. If you are going to shave, rub in more product after cleansing. The cleanser should be an essential part to your pre-shave ritual, softening the facial hair before you shave. 
  2. Place your SKIN by Gillette Hydrating Water Essence Toner in the fridge for the best results. The cool mist will close pores after cleansing and helps boost the effectiveness of the product. 
  3. A serum is best applied after the face is properly cleansed and exfoliated. Apply to the face and neck after every shave for soft and supple skin. 
  4. Use a face mask once a week (or more!). Again cleanse and exfoliate your skin first then apply the mask. Do not rinse your face after removing the mask. Rub the residue treatment into your skin. Your skin will simply thank you! 
  5. Let’s talk about shaving Having worked with many A list actors, I often ask them about shaving and these are some things I have learnt: 
    • Take your time shaving as it gives skin time to adjust.
    • If you have a long day or special event, don’t be afraid to shave twice. Don’t dig into your skin during the first shave thinking it will last longer. 
    • If you shave every day, replace your blade once a week to minimise irritation.
    • SKIN by Gillette Exfoliating Skin Razor is a game-changer. The built-in lubricant helps the razor glide over the face. The SkinGuard technology allows hairs growing in different directions to be cut more easily and with less irritation. 

By Nikolina Ilic

Nikolina is the former Digital Editor at Men's Health Australia, responsible for all things social media and .com. A lover of boxing, she has written for Women's Health, esquire, GQ and Vogue magazine.

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