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Thinking About Your Partner Cheating Might Have A HUGE Surprising Benefit

Sure, the thought of your partner cheating on you is enough to make you insecure and anxious, but new research has found it could be lifting other areas of your game. 

According to a study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, in response to thoughts of your partner cheating, men can potentially produce higher quality sperm. 

Studying 45 participants aged between 18 and 33 and in relationships between 6 and 123 months old, researchers tested the quality of sperm captured in condoms after men imagined their partner cheating on them. 

Unfortunately, results were inconclusive but findings suggest it is a strong possibility. 

“Sperm competition theory can be used to generate the hypothesis that men alter the quality of their ejaculates as a function of sperm competition risk (such as risk of a partner’s infidelity),” says study author Todd K. Shackelford of Oakland University.

“Men did not produce higher quality masturbatory ejaculates in the sperm competition (infidelity) condition relative to the control condition,” adds Shackelford.

“Despite the null results of the current research, there is evidence for psychological and physiological adaptations to sperm competition in humans. It is important to empirically test hypotheses, rather than assume they are either true or false.” 

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