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The Lunge You’ll Want to Do Every Workout

Why would you want to do this lunge every workout? Because it’s almost a workout in and of itself.


Check it out in the video above as demonstrated by trainer BJ Gaddour. You’ll start with a kettlebell lateral lunge. Then you’ll add a clean to the exercise. Then you’ll add a clean and press. Make sure you master each step before you progress.


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The entire exercise – a kettlebell lateral lunge to clean to press – targets your hips and glutes, works your shoulders, activates your obliques, forces your core to stabilise and makes you more athletic, says Gaddour.


There are two ways to apply it to your routine: do as many reps as possible for one to two minutes straight. Rest for 30 seconds, then repeat again on the other side.


Or you can plug the movement into a circuit.


Grab a dumbbell to perform the movement if you don’t have a kettlebell nearby.

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