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The Relationship Advice Sylvester Stallone Gave His Daughter

Dads, take note. Fellas, listen up.

When it comes to icons of the screen, Sylvester Stallone is up there with the best. The man who made the movie training montage a prerequisite for any sporting flick, particularly those of the boxing variety, became a household name since bursting onto our screens in Rocky – a film that not only spawned a franchise but continues to be the go-to movie for anyone looking to be swept away in brilliant storytelling while simultaneously being inspired to get after your own goals, no matter how lofty or obscure they might be. 

Since then, Stallone has continued to lend his charismatic charm to a number of film roles and projects, cementing his place as one of the most bankable action stars in Hollywood history. But it appears that’s not the only thing Stallone excels at. As a father, he’s also known for dishing out some excellent life advice and when it comes to his daughter, Stallone is revered as something of a dating and relationship guru. 

In a recent episode of the podcast Unwaxed, Stallone’s daughters Sophia and Sistine spoke about dating and how Stallone frequently offers some sage advice when it comes to their love lives. “I was telling my mum about how I have a date this week, and my dad suddenly comes out of nowhere. He was dropping me some golden nuggets,” said Sophia. 

“He was like, ‘Can I butt in here?’ He was saying about being patient for the right one and that the way that the guy treats you early on really is an indicator of how his overall personality will be in the relationship.”

At a time where the highlight reel of social media makes it seem like you need to be paired off to be “successful” or living your best life, Sophia revealed that her dad instead assured her that there’s no pressure on finding “the one” too quickly. Ultimately, Stallone insisted that it’s more important to find someone who is right for you than it is to waste your time on the wrong person. 

“He said it might be next week, or it might be when you’re 35 years old,” she said. “But choose happiness and true compatibility than chasing the clock.”

Sistine could only agree with her sister and the advice offered by their dad, suggesting that they get Stallone onto the podcast for an episode where he would be able to share more of his paternal wisdom. “Sometimes he is Shakespearian when it comes to dating,” she said. 

We have to hand it to Stallone, he certainly knows his stuff when it comes to dating. Who knew Rocky also doubled as a relationship guru, too. 

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