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The Trainer Behind Adam Levine’s Ripped Physique Spills His Workout Secrets

The Maroon 5 frontman is looking impossibly shredded. Now, trainer Austin Pohlen is opening up about the singer’s fitness goals.

If you’ve been on Instagram recently, you might have found yourself directed to the account of Adam Levine thanks to a series of images showing the Maroon 5 frontman looking like something out of a Renaissance book of sculpture. Showing off a series of yoga poses, Levine is all rippling muscle and lean, long limbs. His physique is the kind that you can only marvel at with the aspirational longing one usually reserves for limited-edition sneaker drops: you know you want it desperately, but attaining such a thing seems elusive at best.

But while Levine has long been a poster-boy for fitness, his latest posts seem to depict a man who has reached a new level in health and wellness. Ripped physique aside, to see videos of Levine training is to think you’ve stumbled upon the pre-season workout routine of a professional athlete. He’s regimented, incredibly dedicated, and seems to continually push his body beyond his limits. All of this would be remarkable in its own right, but given that Levine is the frontman of one of the most popular bands of our time and a father, how he finds the time to carve out space for his fitness routine is a wonder. 

Thankfully, Levine’s trainer Austin Pohlen is now opening up about the star’s fitness routine. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Pohlen revealed: “He’s very regimented. He walks on the treadmill for, like, an hour and a half to two hours every day and then we train, but he also adds in yoga about three times a week and then a little less than that right now, but yoga has really helped him. And then one day a week we’ve been doing Pilates.”

According to Pohlen, Levine first experienced lower back problems that saw him come to Pohlen with a desire to recover and strengthen the area. “We strength train four to five times a week. And [he’s] just working on getting leaner while building muscle mass,” explained Pohlen. Key features of Levine’s workout routine include squats, deadlifts and pushups, and Pohlen says the pair have been focusing on training “four or five times a week, heavy weights, and then dealing in the nutrition aspect.”

Pohlen began working full-time for Levine back in August of 2020 and when the pandemic hit, he suddenly found himself locked down in the star’s home. While some would find the ordeal exasperating, the pair have created something of a fitness following, with Pohlen regularly sharing workouts on his Instagram account. There’s even a family workout day, with Levine joined by wife Behati Prinsloo for a fun workout. “They’re fun because they’re both competitive people, so they push each other in the workouts and obviously they’re trying to beat each other,” said Pohlen. 

Now that he’s living with the star, Pohlen also oversees Levine’s meals which include protein, vegetables, berries, carbs and fat. As he details, “Breakfast every morning, we have egg whites with spinach and Greek yoghurt. For lunch, we have a delivery service that delivers them vegetables, salmon and sweet potatoes. And then dinner, we change it up. So for breakfast and lunch, it’s the same thing every single day. And then dinner, we rotate through, like, five different meals.”

It might sound trying, but that’s the price you pay for a physique like Levine’s and ultimately when it comes down to it, consistency is key. 

By Jessica Campbell

Jess is a storyteller committed to sharing the human stories that lie at the heart of sport.

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