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These Thermo Bottles are Just What Your Gym Kit’s Been Missing

It's about time you ditched the misshapen plastic bottle loitering in your gym bag and put a healthy, environmentally-friendly cap on dehydration.

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First, things first: we know hydration is important. It’s so important that experts say you should be drinking an average of 3.7 litres of fluid per day. This is especially true if you’re exercising (which we assume you are) as losing just 2.5 per cent of your water weight results in a 45 per cent decrease in your performance during HIIT. Your calorie burn literally dries up. 

But simply refilling the old plastic bottle at your desk won’t cut it. Although many companies have removed harmful BPAs from their products, new research has revealed that refilling unwashed plastic bottles can expose you to 900,000 bacteria per square centimeter. And not the good kind.

So what’s the best option? 

Sure, there are a bunch of reusable options on the market – but we’re here to tell you that what you’ve been missing this whole time isn’t just another water bottle:  it’s a thermo.

Here us out.

When we think of a bottle everyone and anyone can benefit from, thermo bottles and tumblers are at the top of the list. Whether you’re rushing out the door on your morning commute, going for a road trip, taking a hike, heading to a sporting event, or just about anything else, a durable thermos to keep your hot beverages warm and cold beverages chilled will come in handy. Even if you’re staying at home all day and want to continuously sip on hot tea, you will get joy and use out of an insulating bottle.



While this item is so widely appreciated (and usually taken for granted), that doesn’t mean all of the options on the market perform the same. That’s why the product team at Dometic Outdoor have worked super hard at creating a collection that absolutely nail the assignment.

Thermo drinkware suitable for water and hot drinks on the go, they work great for stackable cups of water, coffee and mixed drinks. All their models are offered in limited edition colours such as stone-inspired Ore, earthy Moss and energetic Mango – so they look pretty cool, too.

The robust stainless steel used in the bottles ensures longevity (perfect for active lifestyles), easy cleaning and a high level of hygiene, while the tumblers feature an insulated vacuum seal (keeping the drinks at the perfect temperature) a plastic lid that has a splash resistant press-on function  (to avoid big spills) and a removable gasket (for easy cleaning). They’re also dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Sounds good right? 

Check them out here.

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