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This Lavish, Eco-Friendly Fragrance Was Inspired By Boxing Matches

The new Scandal Pour Homme is a TKO.


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With its opulent, bold aesthetic fit for a king, Jean Paul Gaultier’s new Scandal Pour Homme has arrived. Drawing on inspo from the elaborate spectacle of a boxing match, this knock-out woody oriental scent packs a punch. It’s a modern love match of elevated style meets enhanced sustainability. 

In true flamboyant Jean Paul Gaultier fashion, this is a fragrance that seduces and dazzles with all the prestige of a championship belt while surprising the senses. Fresh and blazing, it represents victory and speaks volumes about the man who chooses to wear it.

It’s a powerhouse concoction

Masculine yet luxuriously elegant, this eau de toilette is an olfactory explosion. The highly addictive juice is unique in its composition, drawing on a Fight Club ethos of no rules. Top notes of Clary Sage and Mandarin Orange drives an uppercut of freshness and zing, while middle notes of Caramel, Tonka Bean hint at a sensual sweetness before being rounded out with a base note of smooth, earthy Vetiver. It signals the vibrant force of freshly cut wood and is a winning combo. 

It’s an earth-friendly juice

Acknowledging it’s not only a battle for survival in the ring but also for our fragile earth, Scandal Pour Homme is the eco-friendly champion of Jean Paul Gauliter’s collection. This is his first refillable fragrance, pleasing the eco-warrior in all of us.

The unscrewable, eco-designed refill tops off the weighty bottle without spilling a drop, thanks to its innovative auto-stop system. In a seemingly simple act, refilling this flacon significantly protects the environment by using 59% less glass, 46% less plastic, 89% less metal and 64% less packaging by weight. Bravo! And by driving a massive 30% savings in price, it’s a win-win for both you and the environment. 



It looks spectacular

The blue-grey juice shines through the transparent glass of an ergonomically designed bottle, sitting like a trophy in your hand with a striking lid to match a champion’s crown. It’s a cheeky nod to the drama and excess that plays out ringside where anything can – and does – happen.

Packaged up in a sumptuous box of red velvet, fit for the King of the Ring, it tells its own chic story and spells victory for any athlete.

Let the show begin, discover the collection at Myer, in-store or online:

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