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This New Online Tool Makes Navigating a Separation That Much Easier (and Cheaper)

Streamline separating from your partner - on your phone or computer.

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While separating from your partner is one of life’s most difficult decisions, it doesn’t need to be that complicated, drawn-out, or costly if you’re both on the same page. 

The smart and simple DIY online tool, ‘amica’ can empower your post-split relationship to better resemble the poster couple for amicable breakups, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Developed by family law experts at Legal Aid and funded by the Australian Government, the online service guides amicable couples through the process of separation without the need for lawyers or their hefty fees. It means you can work out the separation agreements quickly, in your own time and on your own terms, and get on with the rest of your life (just like those other friendly exes, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow). 

And while it might often feel like you’re navigating through this experience on your own right now, that’s not the case. amica has supported and helped over 3,500 couples streamline their separation since launching in June last year, and over 300,000 have visited the site to get more information about separating from their married, de facto or registered relationship. 


Think of amica as a low-cost, one-stop shop that you can access on your phone or computer, on the road to your new life.

“For most couples, it isn’t clear what the steps are when it comes to separating, what their rights are, what is fair, and how they can agree on important decisions such as splitting assets or creating a parenting agreement,” says Gabrielle Canny, amica project chief and National Legal Aid Director.

“For these couples, amica is empowering as it helps them focus and reduce the chance of arguments, which is really useful. Most separating couples simply want to make sure their arrangements are fair, and in line with what most other people in their situation have done. amica is able to give them that peace of mind to make informed decisions together.”


So how does it work?

Using AI (artificial intelligence), amica takes into account the length of your relationship, assets and earnings, age and health needs, contributions to the relationship, arrangements for taking care of children and future needs. It then makes practical suggestions for parenting arrangements that will suit each unique family situation. At the end of the process, you download a document that sets out what you’ve both agreed on. Smart, right? 

What to keep in mind:

“While deciding to separate is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, making good and fair financial, property and parenting decisions doesn’t have to be difficult,’ reminds Gabrielle. 

“The best piece of advice I can give to couples who feel their relationship has run its course is to do your research and arm yourself with information before you arm yourself with a lawyer.

“We’ve developed amica so that amicable couples can discuss and agree on separation arrangements and move on calmly and fairly. It’s important to remember that separation is about moving on, and planning together for the future you want to have apart.”

Find out if amica is the right fit for you by visiting here: and answering five quick questions. 

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