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This is What You Need to Take Your Home Cooking – For Dates and Mates – Next Level

Cooking on a wood fire grill is easy with the Traeger

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It’s a fact – cooking with wood tastes so much better.  That unmistakable smoky flavour you savour when food is cooked with wood makes you wish you could always cook that way.  But as much as it conjures up favourite childhood camping adventures, practically it hasn’t always been an option for those quick midweek dinners. All that changed when the Traeger was invented, though. 

Traeger is the OG of the quick and easy Wood Fire Grill world, and it’s loved internationally for simplifying cooking with wood so it can be your go-to for any time or day of the week. Think easy temperature settings just like your oven. 

From an upgrade in flavour to quick, mess-free cooking, owning a Traeger not only simplifies the process of outdoor wood-fire cooking but it empowers everyone who uses it. From a casual griller to a professional chef, it’s easier to create delicious meals that really can’t be replicated with gas, electric or charcoal-based cookers.  Whether you’re grilling, smoking, roasting, baking, braising or barbecuing your food, it‘ll all get infused with that moreish wood-fire taste.

Why it’s so tasty:

Traeger’s signature flavour comes from its use of 100% pure and natural American hardwood pellets.  These premium pellets give the perfect burn level for an elevated wood fire flavour every single time. They are consciously manufactured and tracked –  from sawmill to shelf – ensuring it’s a completely trusted fuel source for your next meal too.  

So how does it work? 

The Traeger uses an auger – a kind of corkscrew – to feed  the natural hardwood pellets into a firepot where they are ignited by a hot rod to create a consistent heat and flavoursome smoke.  A fan stokes the fire and creates convection, which is key to the versatility of Traeger grills. It monitors temperature and adjusts the auger and fan to maintain the all-important consistent cooking conditions, meaning you get tasty food every time. Best of all, it just takes pressing one single button and setting the temperature.  How good is that?  

What kind of food does it suit? 

The good news – any! Hardwood smoke can make beef, pork, poultry, seafood, vegetables and baked goods all taste delicious. And it suits many eating styles and diets too, hello paleo, keto, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan. 

High-tech cooking: 

After downloading an app , the Traeger will automatically monitor and maintain the set temperature via your smartphone for multi-hour cook cycles. It means you can get back to watching the game instead of hovering around.  Just think, even as a novice you’ll be confidently cooking up barbeque ribs, Moroccan ground meat kebabs and teriyaki-glazed cod to wood-fire pizza, focaccia bread and chocolate chip cookies with ease.  

Cooking with wood is a reminder of what good food should taste like.  Bring back the joy and find out which Traeger best suits your place here:,

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