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Turns Out The UK Is The Best Country For Vegan Dating

And yes, a vegan dating app actually exists. - by MH Staff

At a time where social media and streaming services are opening our eyes to social issues around the world – many of which have escaped the scrutiny of the media lens – our behaviours are increasingly being influenced by the issues we’re now learning about. From Seaspiracy to Before the Flood, climate change and the global reckoning with our dietary lifestyles have come under the spotlight and for many around the world, adopting a vegan diet has become the next step in seeking to reduce our environmental footprint.

It makes sense that when you’re committing to a diet that has roots in social values and sustainability, you’re likely going to want to surround yourself with like-minded people. It’s hardly surprising then that a vegan dating app actually exists, uniting vegans in their quest for love (and the best tofu recipes, it appears).

Veggly is a dating app that has grown rapidly over the past two years. It allows vegans and vegetarians to match and meet, much like Tinder or Bumble, only in this instance obviously users share the same dietary requirements. With over 400,000 global users, the user base has almost doubled over the past year, proving just how prevalent the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle really is.

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But while it’s one thing to know that a dating app like Veggly exists, just which country ranks the highest when it comes to vegan dating? Taking out the top spot is the UK, with the Netherlands following close behind, Germany coming in third, Spain fourth and good ole Australia in fifth.

The findings come from data obtained from the app, with the UK securing the top spot for vegan dating for the second year in a row with a staggering 45,633 users in the country. According to the app’s founder, Alex Felipelli, “The UK is an excellent hotspot for herbivores looking for romance and new relationships.” In an interview with Plant Based News, Felipelli continued, “It’s also great to see lots of new vegan dating communities growing in other countries around the world. There has never been a better time to be a vegan looking for love!”

He added, “We will build on this success and continue to re-invest in Veggly further. The ultimate goal is to provide the best dating app possible for vegan and vegetarian communities, making sure everyone feels welcome and finds love.”

For more information on Veggly or to download the app, click here.

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