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This Is How Many Men Actually Admit To Cheating On Their Current Partners

It’s one thing to cheat, but it takes a lot to actually admit to it. 

According to an MH survey where we asked 1000 of our readers, 12 per cent admitted to cheating on their current partners. 

But has your partner done the dirty? A new study published in the Journal of Sex Research found the danger time for a married woman to stray is 6-10 years into the union.

Further, 92 per cent of men in a relationship say they’re happy. The correct answer, of course. While 53 per cent are satisfied with the amount of sex they’re having.

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Turns out her history is hurting her chances. 31 per cent of men would be put off dating someone they felt had too many previous sexual partners while 30 per cent of men wouldn’t date someone who dated their mate.

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