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Unvaxxed Men Are Now Trying To Sell Their Sperm Through Cryptocurrency

As anti-vaxxers continue to push the false claim that Covid-19 vaccines affect fertility, those who are unvaccinated now believe their sperm will be worth a fortune one day.

Despite scientific reports refuting such claims immediately, anti-vaxxers continued to push a rhetoric surrounding fertility and the Covid-19 vaccines. There’s no evidence to suggest the vaccines affect fertility – a logic that’s been disproven by researchers almost as quickly as the anti-vax sentiment originated – but it also appears that there’s no way scientists are going to win this argument when it comes to the anti-vax community. Now, anti-vaxxers are so sure that unvaccinated sperm will be worth fortunes in years to come, that a new cryptocurrency has emerged, essentially looking to make ‘unvaxxed sperm’ the new anti-vax bitcoin. 

News of the cryptocurrency emerged in a Vice article written by David Gilbert, in which it was reported that developers behind Unvaxxed Sperm are looking to provide a service that caters to “objective scientific inquiry and the freedom of discourse.” The idea originated from the developers behind the project attending anti-vaxxer protests, during which they saw signs reading: “Unvaxxed Sperm is the new Bitcoin.” It draws on the belief that in the future, the sperm and eggs of unvaccinated people will be worth a fortune when people realise Covid-19 vaccines have damaged their ability to procreate. Studies however, have shown that getting vaccinated doesn’t affect sperm quality or count.

As Gilbert writes, “To be very clear, Unvaxxed Sperm and the people behind it are not anti-vaccine to a degree; they are completely anti-vaccine, baselessly claiming that 90 per cent of the population has no need to take a Covid-19 vaccine and advocating that the pandemic can be medicated with alternative remedies like ivermectin, even though the only studies to claim the drug typically prescribed as a horse de-wormer can treat Covid-19 have been retracted.”

Surprisingly though, there’s been an explosive growth around the new cryptocurrency, which launched only recently as “nuBTC”. Still, its future looks uncertain, as it didn’t take long for the price to again plummet as many questioned how it might sustain its growth. But where other cryptocurrencies have the intention of making someone rich (or at least improving their fortune), the developers behind Unvaxxed Sperm have a different kind of mission. 

Theirs is one that looks to use the meme-able nature of their coin to see it go viral, drawing people into their anti-vaccine community where they can then spread more misinformation. It’s within this community that they have such far-fetched plans like a “pureblood” version of Tinder, with cryogenically frozen unvaccinated sperm, and something called “Project Super Sperm.” 

It all sounds mildly terrifying, and there are aspects of the project that still remain obscure. The cryptocurrency’s white paper page where project developers tend to lay out their schemes in detail is oddly blank, simply saying “cumming soon” with no added detail. 

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