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The meat of any cow is broken down into “primal” and “subprimal” cuts. Fillet is a subprimal cut of the loin – a rarely used muscle in the middle of the back that yields more tender (and therefore more expensive) meat.


One of the more common cuts, rump comes from the “round” and is typically lean and inexpensive. But as ex-dairy cows are generally fattier than their meat-bred counterparts, you’ll appreciate a delicious difference in taste.

Rib cuts get much of their flavour from the heavy marbling of fat and are packed with nutritious CLA and omega-3s. Ex-dairy cows have more intermuscular fat and so more marbling, giving cuts like this a rich depth (or “length”) of flavour.nd to introduce something fresh to your creative mind.

Lined Circle

Prime Rib


Nestled between the loin and the round, this may be the healthiest steak cut on offer. A typical serving can boast around 50g of protein, while most of the flavour-rich fat is of the healthy, monounsaturated variety.