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Women Are Sharing What Sex Actually Feels Like For Them

Without a condom, of course. Here's what the outspoken women of Reddit had to say about what sex feels like.

While men know first-hand just how good sex can feel for them, unfortunately, when it comes to our sexual partners, we can only really take their word for it. And we’d probably recommend not asking for feedback straight after. Fortunately, the women of Reddit are willing to share their experiences and give personal accounts about the sensations of intercourse.

Here’s what they have to say: 

“So there’s touch-sensitive and there’s pressure-sensitive. Your dick and her clit are both touch-sensitive. The vagina is pressure sensitive. You experience pressure sensitive pleasure when you get a massage. So think of a time or just imagine someone hitting the exact right spot of tension with the perfect amount of pressure. Over and over again. That’s what good dick feels like.

“Edit: you also just have a primal drive to get filled up when you’re aroused so there’s also a feeling of relief from the need being met.” – @ cubscout69

“From personal opinion, actually as i’m writing this it’s so hard to explain? It feels just good? Like the pounding sensation and the feeling of being filled up is always so nice. And then the feeling of a dick hitting my inner walls and the very deepest part of my pussy is heaven. Especially those first few moments when he’s trying to fit inside me and is stretching me out??? Chefs kiss lmao but in all honestly but just feels good and hot and the feeling of bottoming out is the best part but it’s all relative to every girl since all pussies and penises are different in their own way.” – @ stopthatokay

“It depends on the dick! My current BFs penis makes me feel super full. When he first goes in its like a sloooow stretch, like he’s just expanding me and as he goes in it just feels better and better and the feeling never goes away while he’s in. The only way I can explain it is satisfying and when he gets to the bottom it’s like he triggers my happy spot. How does a dick feel? amazing haha.” – @Alexasexa

“So hard to describe because it’s an opening dudes just don’t have. If you imagine the vagina is like an inverted penis, os physiologically, it’s kind of like that, then the feeling of nice strokes on your dick are essentially what we are feeling internally, it’s just all inverted. And in case your wondering, it feels very different to the butt.

“One tip though, always check in with your partner during sex, make sure you know it feels good, as her how it is for her. I say this because going too deep and hitting the cervix can hurt, and if your a bigger guy doggy can do this, and a groan of discomfort and a groan of sexual pleasure aren’t always completely distinguishable and some girls, especially younger ones, are too awkward to say anything . Hopefully you are also getting some confirmation that your doing a good job, ‘yes’, ‘that’s good’, ‘keep doing that’ etc” -@ kataKimmy

A very warm rod filling and putting pressure on the walls of pussy and g-spot. First entrance is a slow stretch and stimulation= gateway of tingling/ and craving more of the feeling of stroking. Doggy style has always been one of those poses that enhances the feeling personally, the last partner I had made me weep in pleasure from it” – @ moon-moon9

Like nothing else. Kind of if you imagine skin stroking skin, except it’s super sensitive and feels so good-bad-good, and instead of one patch of skin it’s the whole area, plus there’s this pressure and friction and movement and force…” – @ victoryhonorfame

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