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Four Things She Wants From A One-Night-Stand

Sure, you might have your preferences when it comes to casual sex. Perhaps you’re a little less picky, opting for someone you might not introduce to your parents. But have you ever wondered what they’re looking for? A little insight into their thoughts could help you become more desirable at 2:00am in the morning, so take note from a new piece of research. 

According to a study conducted by fertility app Clue in unison with the University of Goettingen, researchers have discovered exactly what women are after when they just want a weekend fling. 

First things first: it’s time to ditch the Persian rug and scruffy face-warmer. Findings from the survey suggest that women prefer a man who’s well-groomed, and that includes both ditching the beard and the body-hair. 

Another important factor is height. While there’s no pressure to be 6ft 3″, 89.5 per cent of women expect their short-term partner to be at least taller than them. Just over 11 per cent weren’t too fuss.

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Big or small? What’s the go with your package downstairs? Well you can quietly fist pump if you’re average. While women might not be after a micropenis, apparently smaller is preferred to large. Interestingly, dad bods are also back in favour with nearly a third of respondents desiring an average rig rather than a Ryan Gosling-like body from Crazy Stupid Love.

Okay, so you’ve got your physical appearance down pat. How about your chat? Sure, you need to be able to spin a yarn, but participants in the study much prefer you walk the walk instead of talk the talk. A third of British Women have intelligence as “an important factor” while nearly 50 per cent of American women said it was crucial. As long as you can deliver on your claims, they’ll walk away happy. 

Having all the right attributes to make you an attractive prospect for women only gets you so far. Now you need to execute. Read up on our guide to doing the one-night stand properly

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