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Here’s What To Eat And Drink When You Have A Hangover

With the silly season well and truly ramping up, Lyndi Cohen (The Nude Nutritionist and Australian Avocados partner) reveals the foods that can help get you through the festive period after one too many drinks. Hint: It’s not bacon or a kebab.

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While a nutritious feed unfortunately won’t erase any unwanted memories, these foods can help speed up your recovery and help cure that dreaded hangover.

1. Plenty of water

For each serving of alcohol, drink a glass of water. Your body needs to be well hydrated to help you process through the alcohol that is still in your body. If plain water isn’t for you, swap the sports drink for coconut water (often referred to as ‘nature’s sports drink’). A study into this natural alternative found that some brands contained the same number of electrolytes as sports drinks do.

2. Avocado

Drinking alcohol causes you to urinate more than usual and in the process, you lose a lot of important nutrients, potassium especially. Not just a brunch favourite, avocados are stacked with the mineral, one of the nutrients you’ll need to replenish along with sodium and water. Avocados are also a source of fibre, healthy fats and micronutrients that help put you in a good mood, boost your energy levels and fight fatigue, amongst a whole host of health benefits. Studies have also shown that avocados can boost your ability to absorb key nutrients from other healthy foods – they’re an essential ingredient when it comes to increasing your absorption of nutrients after a night out. Avocados are also the one food that all diets can agree on, whether it’s vegan, paleo, keto or the DASH diet – all have one thing in common, avocados, so they’re the perfect ingredient after a night out for everyone.

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3. Wholegrain toast

Alcohol lowers your blood sugar levels so anything that helps bring your blood sugar levels back to a more stable place can help you feel much better. Slow burning carbohydrates like a piece of wholegrain toast with a serving of avocado can be a form of comfort food and will help re-stabilise those glucose levels.  

4. Cappuccino

A dose of caffeine will dilate your blood vessels, which may help relieve your aching head after a night out. Swap the black tea or coffee for a latte or cappuccino as the milk will help balance out your blood sugar levels.

5. Pickles

Although pickles may not be your first pick of foods to eat hungover, this wacky remedy will have you feeling better faster. Pickle juice contains a good mix of sugar, salt, water and vinegar so eating a few (along with their juice) will help rebalance your electrolytes. Two shots of pickle juice before or after a big night are certainly worth trying.

Lyndi Cohen is a dietitian, best-selling author of The Nude Nutritionist and the founder of Back to Basics.

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