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Why She’ll Thank You For Having Sex With Her On The Kitchen Bench

Why routine bedroom action is a passion killer - by Dan Williams


Although that comfy king-sized bed of yours may seem like the perfect place to do your best work, making it the venue for all your sex sessions could be a shortcut to relationship breakdown, according to new research. 


Taking your passion to other rooms in the house, on the other hand, boosts relationship satisfaction, reports the team at House Method, which surveyed 1000 people about their habits vis-à-vis sexual location.

The researchers found couples having sex outside of the bedroom at least sometimes report having 10.5 per cent greater relationship satisfaction and 33 per cent more sexual satisfaction lives than those couples who have sex only in their boring old bedroom.

Getting it on outside the bedroom also seems to increase participants’ sexual appetite: they’re having it an average of 10.9 times a month compared to 5.8 times per month for the bedroom-only couples.

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And to what parts of the house do the more adventurous couples tend to gravitate? The living room is the most popular choice (not surprising, really – rug, sofa, adult channels) followed by the bathroom. Attics, closets and gardens rarely play host to any hot activity.

The study results back up previous findings that have shown there are benefits to be had from mixing up your sexual backdrop.

 Research by Holiday Cars in the UK, for example, showed one in five customers rent a car just to, um, test the suspension.

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 What’s really at play here is the need for – and appreciation of – variety in all its forms.

 This latest study from House Method involved only couples who were living together – couples, in other words, that were far more likely than separate-dwelling pairings to have slipped into passion-killing routines.

 “Human beings are aroused by novelty and newness,” says psychologist Wendy Walsh. Which is presumably why the shower can suddenly seem like an appealing perfect place to get it on.

By Dan Williams

Dan Williams, Men’s Health’s Associate Editor, is the magazine’s most experienced presence. While his body protests more than it used to, he still insists it honour the MH way, with regular dawn workouts mingled with punishing sessions on the tennis court – all against a backdrop of abstemiousness: he turns into a pumpkin at 10pm.

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