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This Is What Your Partner’s Feeling When You Don’t Use A Condom During Sex

Apparently it can make all the difference - by Allen Pike

It’s always best to use a condom during sex to help prevent STIs and unwanted pregnancies. But there’s a good reason why your partner might want you to go bareback.

According to a recent thread on Reddit, there’s a good reason women prefer no condom: “It feels amazing”.

The forum, which has over 190 comments and counting, details the experience of female users having unprotected sex.

While many encouraged using a condom, the overwhelming consensus suggested that going in raw could often lead to a far greater orgasm. 

“I can’t really feel the actual cum, but what i do feel is the throbbing as the penis contracts during orgasm. It feels amazing,” writes user lalalarori.

According to commenters, HRHFluffybutt nails the description: “When you can feel it, the strongest sensation is his cock throbbing and pulsing. If there’s a lot of cum, there’s a warm sensation from him unloading inside you. Occasionally, i’ve had a guy cum so hard i could feel the cum on the first spurt or two. But mostly it’s feeling his cock spasm inside you with a spreading warmth of cum.”

Other females joined in and shared similar sentiments: “I can always feel the warmth and extra lubrication it provides. If he stops thrusting for a bit, i can feel him pulsing which is my favourite! Either way, i can always feel something. And it’s hot as hell,” says Birds1010.

Unfortunately, others were left disappointed, with a handful suggesting the most they could feel was a sudden warmth.

Whilst it seems your partner might enjoy unprotected sex, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be safe. Check out the 15 ways you’re using a condom wrong.

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