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Turns Out Women Really Love This Part Of Sex

Are you delivering the goods? - by Allen Pike

While there’s always pressure to perform during sex, fortunately, blowing your load at any time might not be a bad thing

According to a recent thread on the internet forum Reddit, women absolutely love watching their man ejaculate. While this doesn’t mean they’ll be happy with a 10-second effort, it certainly helps that there will be something they can enjoy about it.

User Howaboutnope89 says there’s nothng better: “Hell yes. The throbbing, pulsing and ultimate eruption, let’s me know i’ve done a good job. Also, it helps if he’s making noise while cumming. Ejaculating is very hot to me.” 

Thosepeskyrussians felt the same way: “Absolutely. Nothing hotter than seeing the man you love feel good. The visuals are also amazing. I love seeing his cum on my body but when he does it inside, it still feels intimate and special.” 

Similar comments flowed with Redditers describing the moment as “incredibly hot” and “sexy.”

All the subscribers to the opinion sharing site shared the same sentiment. But while women might love the site of you popping the cork, I’m not sure that it’s a good enough excuse for a 10 second job. If you are nervous about your performance, check out the 3 ways to last longer in bed.

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