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Men And Women Are Sharing The Worst First Date Stories Of All Time

No one warns you about how tough dating is. Between finding out if they’re a fit, trying to impress them and nailing the night, there’s a lot to be nervous about when it comes to date night. Sure, chances are you’ve had a few shockers in your time, who hasn’t? But spare a thought for these poor souls who had to endure an evening to forget. 

“My friend was asked by a date (very early into said date) ‘Are you on your period? I have this strange talent where I can always smell when a girl is on her period.’” – @Lauranordersvu

“Oh I got one. Met a girl on Tinder, chatted for a couple weeks. She comes over to my house to hang out and watch a movie. We smoke a little bit and decide to find a horror movie neither of us had seen. We chose Maniac with Elijah Wood in it. So we get all settled in, turn it on, and the first scene of the movie is Elijah meeting a girl online, her going to his place, and him murdering her… there was not a second date.” – @PeejWal

“My date invited me over to his place and started singing and playing his acoustic guitar. It may sound romantic but he was awful at playing guitar and singing. And he didn’t stop for 30 minutes. For some strange reason I decided to stay (should have left but wanted to give him a chance) and we started fooling around. He was having a hard time finishing, so he stopped like three times and said he has issues with finishing because he believes he masturbates too much (super awkward). Needless to say, I never talked to him again.”- @ariharp8106

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“Met this girl through tinder, she was from the east coast and I live in the west coast. We meet up and she explains to me that she never had the need to drive in the east coast because public transportation is way easier over there than it is here. She then went on and told me that she really wants to learn how to drive but doesn’t have anyone to show her let alone a car to learn how to drive on. At the end of the date I (stupidly) offered my car for her to at least have a taste of what it’s like to drive a car. Long story short, I told her what to do and the second she took her foot off the break she panicked when the car started slowly rolling on its own and then slammed into the parked car that was in front of us. I left a note on the other car and never heard from the girl again.” – @Glaucoon

“Long time ago my friend sets me up on a date with a girl I’d never met in person. We meet at the theatre and she doesn’t look anything like her Myspace photos. We go into the theatre and she introduces me to her mom, dad, and 9 year old brother. They’re watching the movie with us. They choose the movie Gnomeo and Juliet, and at this point I’m not sure why I stuck it out. We get into the theatre and the 9 year old is kicking the back of my seat immediately… and doesn’t stop for the entire 20 minutes. I said fuck it, excused myself to use the restroom and just drove home.” – @Shaddeauk

“My favourite worst first date… the day before our date he says his car is having issues and asked if I could pick him up. No problem. I show up to a trailer park (we had never met before) and out he comes wearing silk shorts and a rugrats tee shirt. I was wearing tights and little black dress. He sparks a blunt as he’s giving me shitty directions to the restaurant we’re heading to, definitely taking the long way. Proceeds to tell me very loudly over dinner about his TWO restraining orders. I literally saw a woman stop her fork mid-bite to side eye where that confession came from.” – @abbienormal28

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“Girl invites me to her place with the pretence of me ‘tearing her ass up’ (her words) when I get there both parents are in the kitchen making us food and she introduces me as her new BF. I sit on the couch in disbelief for a few minutes, get served the food, take one bite and just walked out and never looked back”. – @dal2k305

“I walked up to the girl, said hello and immediately threw up twice from dehydration. I then tried to make it up to her later in the date by singing to her. I didn’t get a second date. My gf likes to make fun of me for this quite often.” – @gooftrupe

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