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The Top 5 Major Sporting Events Still To Come In 2018

2018 has been a sport-lovers dream so far. Aside from the regular annual fixtures, we’ve been spoilt with the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the Winter Paralympics, and a surprisingly exciting Commonwealth Games. But as far as major sporting events, 2018 is just heating up.


We’re in the midst of the NBA finals, we have a looming State of Origin series, and we’re a month off from the Tour de France kick-off. But these are just the annual excitements that define our regular years. What about the world-wide phenomenons that provide the bandwagons we all like to hitch a ride to?

2018 is one of those rare years where milestone events align, and this year is still a treasure-trove of world events to come. Our calendar is chock full of competitive viewing and there is plenty for sport fans to feast on.

Prep the TV, set your alarms, and pop the below dates into your calendar to make sure you’re ready and prepped for 2018’s biggest impending sporting events.

FIFA World Cup
June 14 – July 15

Rugby 7s World Cup
July 20 – July 22
AT&T Park, San Fransisco

Summer X Games
July 20 – July 22

Summer Youth Olympics
Sep 11 – Sep 23
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Invictus Games
Oct 20 – Oct 27

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