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3 Easy Ways to Sculpt Your Best Body Ever

Do you have the one ingredient every committed trainer needs in their cupboard?

Building a stronger body just got a whole lot easier with the premium range of muscle-building supplements from Body Science conveniently landing at your local Coles.

The go-to for athletes, Olympians and elite sports teams, this results-driven range streamlines efficacy to elevate both your physical and mental performance.  

Owned and manufactured right here in Australia, under strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Formulated Sports Foods and TGA (Therapeutic Goods Australia) guidelines, Body Science harnesses the world’s most researched supplement in sports nutrition – creatine – to deliver science-backed, safe and clean results. 

On a purpose-built mission to create nutritional supplements that improve your overall health by enhancing physical and mental wellbeing, Australia’s leading supplement company focuses on helping you achieve your fitness goals. Choosing the right, tailored-made Body Science supplement will complement your daily workout and help fast-track you there: 

Need to boost motivation?

Take K-OS PRE-WORKOUT designed to take your training next level with a heightened state of mental alertness and a rush of energy when you need it most, while overall priming muscles with anabolic nutrients to build muscle, stat. 

Want to elevate your recovery strategy?

Take NITROVOL LEAN MUSCLE post-workout to support putting on the muscle you want without the added body fat you don’t need.

Need to push further?

Take CREATINE as part of your daily ritual to maximise performance, ongoing muscle optimism, build strength and cushion recovery.

Putting your peace of mind at the forefront, this trusted range of supplements comes with the HASTA approved logo. HASTA (Human and Supplement Testing Australia) screen for over 200 prohibited substances based on the World Anti-Doping Authority Guidelines. The HASTA mission is to keep all sportspeople – from the weekend warriors to elite athletes –  safe by guaranteeing product quality and reliability for non-contaminated supplements.

While Body Science is all about creating quality, trusted products for your everyday physical and mental performance, it keeps the planet top of mind, too. Quietly demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the environment, BodyScience has designed its new range using less plastic in its composite can packaging.

The introduction of the Body Science sports and fitness range into Coles gives its loyal customers – Australian families, sports teams and the wider community – better access to products that fuel their goals, helping to build the foundations for a fit, happy, healthy lifestyle.

Keeping you firmly on track to achieve these fitness goals, the Body Science range of post-workout snacks are available at a Coles near you, too. No excuses.

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