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8 Pairs Of Shoes Every Guy Should Have In His Wardrobe

Just because you’ve founds the right shirt or finally had your pants tailored, doesn’t mean you have your whole outfit sorted. The perfect pair of shoes can help tie the whole outfit together – get it wrong and you’ll stand out like a sore thumb. So avoid a sticky situation by making sure you’re prepared with these eight staple shoes.

The Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boot is a perfect all-occasion shoe. They’ll fit in seamlessly with any pair of jeans even if you haven’t had the chance to tailor. Whether you have a formal outing, need to slip on a pair for the office or have a couple quiet ones at the local, these will do the job. 

R.M Williams Boots

R.M. Williams

The Running Shoe

In recent times, the world has gone fitness crazy. Everywhere you walk, people are decked out in activewear even if gym isn’t on the agenda. That means when it comes to picking your running shoe, there’s a lot more thought that goes into your choice of style. Pick a versatile shoe that will look great on the track or for a breakfast date – a neutral colour will do the job. Regardless, a must for any man’s closet.  

New Balance Runners

New Balance

The White Shoe

White sneakers have seen a bit of a renaissance of late. When Dunlop went out of fashion, we though we’d seen the end of it. But now, white sneakers have become so trendy that people are more concerned with how to keep them clean. A versatile shoe that will go well with cuffed jeans or tailored shorts.

Stan Smith The Iconic

The Iconic

The Boat Shoe

A summer staple, these go well for any occasion. If you keep them clean enough, they’ll even pass for a formal dinner. These will be your go-to all pool-party season long. While it might be starting to cool down, it’s always safe to have a pair lurking around.

Sperry Boat Shoes


The Converse Shoe

Everyone needs a casual shoe that you can slip on at the last minute that will go with everything. The converse shoe is stylish without suggesting you’ve put too much thought into it. Keep these handy. 

Converse Shoes


The Skate Shoe

No, you don’t have to skate to wear skate shoes. Some occasions require closed shoes without being too formal. Brands like Vans are casual yet trendy, and are perfect to either slip on or head to the bar with. If you think you’re getting on, an understated pair of canvas shoes will keep you feeling young. 

Vans Old School Black


The Winter Boot

While we’re fortunate enough to live in one of the warmest countries in the world, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t cold. In the middle of winter, they’ll be sub ten degree days and that’s where trendy boots come in. They’ll keep your feet warm while complimenting any pair of jeans, plus women will love the rugged look. 

Timberlands The Iconic

The Iconic

The Leather Formal Shoe

No convincing needed here. Necessary for every formal affair that requires a suit. 

Rockport leather Shoe


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