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3 Moves To Burn Your Belly Fat

Few moves induce nausea quite like the burpee. But love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no disputing that burpees offer an effective full-body burn in no time flat. However, elite trainer Jay T Maryniak believes that there’s room for improvement.

His invention incorporates a kettlebell snatch and a reverse lunge on top of the burpee – which is good news for the abs below your soon-to-be-stripped belly fat. When you hold weight overhead, especially on one side of the body, your core fires on all cylinders to keep you upright throughout the rep.

After hitting your chest and triceps with the burpee, you’ll target your posterior chain with the lunge. That’s a lot of muscle fibres in one rep, spiking your heart rate and maximising kilojoule burn, even after you leave the gym. Deploy it as a finisher, says Maryniak. Put 60 seconds on the clock and do as many reps as you can. Rest for one minute and repeat for another two sets. Feeling sore? Take some magnesium to relax your muscles, prevent cramping and reduce inflammation. Then have a lie down. You’ll need it.


Begin by grabbing a pair of kettlebells. While holding them on the floor, perfect your posture by keeping your spine straight and pinning your shoulders back. Put your weight on your heels to switch your glutes on. You’re ready to go. Hard.

Burpee Snatch

Allie Holloway


Jump both legs back into a high plank position and, keeping your core tight, lower slowly until your chest is in line with the weights. Push back up and finish the burpee phase by jumping your feet forward. Now for the added value.

Burpee Snatch

Allie Holloway


Snatch the kettlebell by extending through your hips and ripping the weight above your head. Step back into a lunge on the same side. Sink down until your back knee skims the floor. Push through your front heel and bring your back leg forward.

Burpee Snatch

Allie Holloway


Return the kettlebell to the floor by flipping it back over your hand. Perform a snatch and back lunge on the other side, then lower the weight to the floor. Kick your feet back and out to return to the starting position. That’s one rep. Sorry.

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